Saturday, September 30, 2006

Orouni - In the old days...

First off, let me ask for your forgiveness. I have been a bad blogger lately. Other than having ridiculous loads of homework, I really have no excuses for the lack of posting. So anyways, please keep reading RMDS and we will try not to be so lousy. Cuz c'mon, we like you...

....And we also like Orouni (named after Jack Kerouac's
On The Road !!!). Demi, the man behind the genious of Orouni, is a Frenchmen from Paris. Almost all of his songs are simple arrangements, but his voice still manages to captivate me every time. His English lyrics accompanied with the soft taint of his French accent make every word seem like a sedative. I hear some Devendra Banhart, I hear some hushed pop goodness in my ears, and I think you will too. Enjoy...

Orouni - In The Old Days Of Our New Life
Even the first time I heard this song, I knew there was something special about it. The intro is down right irrisistible; almost too simple to be
that good. Just a piano and the simple strumming of a guitar lead you through the first fifteen seconds of the song. Whenever I hear it I think it should be in a movie. I'm not sure which one, but I know it would make the perfect backdrop in between scenes. Ahh, and if that's not enough, we have his voice. It's soft, endearing, and warm. The gentle lyrics are hushed straight from his basement to your ears; nothing is lost along the way. "Sometimes the wind will give you a chill / That's because you don't wear your scarf." Mmm, its fall.

Vote for this song on Puredemo!!!

Orouni - The Lampost

Orouni's Website (Get More Songs Here!)

Orouni's Myspace
Orouni's Blog

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

TV on the Radio / The Ohsees - Live at Soma

Yo yo yo, last night RMDS took a rare break from studies (we are HW machines) and caught TV On The Radio with The Ohsees at Soma. And let me tell you before we start this know all that hype you've been hearing about this soul-filled indie rock band from Brooklyn? It's true. And although this cat has been out of the bag for awhile, we here at RMDS can finally say: TV On The Radio is legit and we witnessed it first hand last night.

The Ohsees
The Ohsees opened for TVOTR. They were spitting/sporting the whole "indie garage blues" type vibe. My mind was racing with comparisons the whole show, I think at one point I was ready to deem them "The Kills fronted by Jamie Stewart". It made a lot more sense at the time. At any rate, I liked this band's sound, but I felt like their songs could've used a little more variety, and maybe an occasional face melter. I feel that the previously mentioned "indie garage blues" sound usually consists of bands whose songs culminate in either rocking yr face off or descending into sloppiness. The Ohsees chose the latter, and while it was good dirty fun, my heart was achin' for something...more? So while I cannot give them a raging rave review, their songs were fun, and I think they have some major pot-ten-tial. check it.

TV On The Radio
I'm not sure if TVOR considered it a diss to be tossed on the small stage at Soma (a room probably comparable in size to your living room, but longer), but if they did, they certainly used it as incentive to blow down the constricting walls last night. Their expansive sound filled up every square inch of the room, blasting indie ears for a 12 song set that included hits off of both their previous album and EP, as well as their new and heralded Return To Cookie Mountain.

Opening with the long winded "Wash The Day Away," TV On The Radio wiped away any indications of showing touring fatigue. Lead singer Tumbe danced his way through the night with jolting arm gestures and soul filled singing. Kyp Malone, the guitarist and mastermind behind TVOR, presented a calm, relaxed demeanor which nicely juxtiposed Tumbe's seemingly uncontrolable energy. The peak of the night was reached early in the set when the crew howled through arguably two of the best songs of the year, "Province" and "Wolf Like Me," back-to-back. From there on out, TVOR had the crowd eating out of their hand for the rest of the night. Don't even get us started on the live version of "Let the Devil In"!

Despite my normal annoyance with super loud live music and distortion, TV On The Radio made it work. When I couldn't hear the words I simply marveled at the band's energy or hummed along with the intense, and at times, epic lyrics. Maybe I'm giving these guys too much credit with those words, but to me this album is all of those things and their live performance is a justice-serving unwinding of the layered genius found on their album.

-mp3- TV On The Radio - Province


Sunday, September 24, 2006

Kite Flying Society - Live at Adams Av. Fair

Just a few hours ago I was treated to a wonderful outdoor performance by Kite Flying Society at the Adams Avenue State Fair. After a slew of 21+ performances in San Diego, it was a breath of fresh air(literally) to finally see KFS play live for the fam, kiddos, and RMDS.

The up-start San Diego indie group perfomed on a side street to the fair and managed to attract quite a large crowd by the end of their set. The band's balantanly obvious summer pop sound transcended nicely to the bustling fair atmosphere. KFS played almost all the happy hits off of their wonderful debut
Where Is The Glow?, as well as their melodic, soft sing-song lullabies "Groundflower" and "Tiger Stripes." They did venture away from their album once, performing a perfectly fitting cover of Ace of Base's "The Sign."

I think every Kite Flying Society show should be outside. It's really the only way to do their summer sound justice. With a free snow cone in hand, the show was a much needed break away from the stress of school and a nice reminder of some good 'ol summer fun. Whether it be under a roof or not, be sure to check out Kite Flying Society's always groing tour!

-mp3- Kite Flying Society - Groundflower


Submarine Music
(I blanked on this one. Sorry)
Hello June
If I Could Split
6000 Shipwrecks
This Shadow
The Sign (Ace of Base Cover)
Tiger Stripes

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Gay Witch Hunt

Come all ye, set down your ipods and gather around your tele's. Tonight is the season 3 premiere for NBC's The Office. If you have not come to love The Office like me and millions of other Americans by now, I highly recommend that you throw your elitest feelings out the window and jump on board for a sure-to-be-hilarious season 3.

If by chance you were living in that dark hole I described above, let me fill you in. Last season ended with an unusually dramatic cliff hanger; diverting away from the normal hilarious antics of Michael(Steve Carell) and Dwight(Rainn Wilson). Although the season finale contained a funny casino night party, the real suspense occurred when Jim (John Krasinski) finally confessed his love for Pam (Jenna Fischer) and later proceeded to kiss her. This proved to be the climax of an ongoing plot line that pinned Jim's secret feelings for Pam up against the drawn out engagement of Pam and Dunder Mifflin warehouse employee Roy (David Denman). And thus we have season 3...

Here is a synopis of the Season 3 premiere episode, “Gay Witch Hunt” from TV Guide, which is set to air tonight:

The third-season opener is set in the wake of casino night, and things get mighty dicey when Michael heedlessly outs a gay Dunder Mifflin employee. Meanwhile, some details about Jim and Pam’s complicated relationship come to light.

If you haven't been able to tell, the RMDS crew are pretty excited for this. So be sure to tune in tonight to NBC 8:30/7:30c for all the amazing antics that are sure to ensue. Leave us some of your favorite Office moments or quotes in the comments if you'd like...

-mp3- NBC's The Office - Theme Song
-mp3- The Beatles - She Said She Said
-mp3- Belle & Sebastian - Step Into My Office, Baby

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Fall/Winter Movie Picks

It is almost fall, which means it is almost winter, which means the year is almost over, which means that...
Many sweet movies (or films, I am totally improper and switch back and forth) will come out between now and the end of the year (they do this cause they want to win awards and make $). Basically, from now until mid-January or so is prime movie time. So.
Here is my list of movies I am really really looking forward to.


The Prestige
The Prestige has so many things going for it it's not even funny. It's about magicians, it has an amazing cast (seriously, David Bowie and Scarlett Johansson, plus a Batman vs. Wolverine showdown), and it's directed by Christopher Nolan who really has not yet failed to provide the public with sweet films. If I sound EXTRA geeky about this one, it's because I am really geeking out over this film.
Peep it.

Trailer on
The Prestige on IMDB

Everything about this is promising to me. I love ensemble dramas, it has an AMAZING cast, it is helmed by one of the mob of ultra-talented Latin American directors, the trailer rules...I could see this film becoming a new favorite of mine...not that I have high expectations for it or anything...

Trailer on
Babel on IMDB

A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints
This trailer really reminds me of Mean Streets. It won the directorial and best ensemble cast awards at Sundance. It stars Robert Downey Jr. All these descriptions of movies I'm excited for are getting really repetitive. But yeah, this one looks great.

Trailer on
A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints on IMDB


Pan's Labyrinth
I really am not a big Guillermo del Toro fan, but holy cow, this is going to be the creepiest, mind-blowingest, down-the-rabbit-hole, movie ever. Hopefully. The dominant movie geeks are totally freaking out over this one, and these guys are my film fan role models, so I am following their lead. Check it out.

JoBlo's got some trailers
Pan's Labyrinth on IMDB

This one probably should just be in the normal "I'm looking forward to it" category, but hey, it looks weird, so it goes here. This is a biopic of sorts of Diane Arbus, and (other than the fact that Robert Downey Jr. and Nicole Kidman are in this, I mean, c'mon, who would you rather watch act and all that jazz?) I am mostly looking forward to the fact that this film seems more interested in presenting a creative portrait of a famous individual's mindset than in making said famous individual into a token inspiration story (cough cough). So yeah, I'm excited for this (weird) one.

Trailer on
Fur on IMDB

This film looks almost too epic, it's in another language, Mel Gibson embarasses himself sometimes, etc. etc. So yeah, just edges into the weird category. Still, no matter how you feel, you can't deny that this film is going to be a spectacle and a half. This is the sort of film that people mostly stopped attempting after, say, the 1930s. Leave it Mel Gibson. He's like Beaver, but unkind and bearded (or is he....well, he is bearded, but people like to debate his unkindness...anyways).

Trailer on
Apocalypto on IMDB


All The King's Men
"Amazing Cast" is sort of a recurring theme in this post, and this film is (very blatantly) no exception. Now, the only reason this one isn't in a more respectable category is that it has all the markings of an Oscar-bait-gone-mediocre type problem project: the release was delayed, the reviews are ho-hum, and it appears to be the 2nd most Oscar-targeted film coming out this year (this is the Number 1). But you know, Sean Penn does some real face melting monologue action (it reminds me of another blistering film monologue...) and that alone is enough to get me out to see this one.

Trailer on
All The King's Men on IMDB

Marie Antoinette
Hmmm...I don't like the trailer very much at all and I think Kirsten Dunst has little to no chance of being capable of carrying a movie like this. But you know, I could be wrong. And even if it is a miss or the biggest WTF? of all time, it will still be interesting to watch and probably have some sweet tunes in it.

Trailer on
Marie Antoinette on IMDB

The Fountain
This is getting a lot of bad reviews and the trailer is sort of underwhelming. Movie Geeks, however, are stoked on it (or so they say, and I always follow their lead. Therefore, I am hesitantly stoked on this film. It's Darren Aronofsky, it'll be interesting if it's nothing else.

Trailer on
The Fountain on IMDB

so yeah, hopefully you watched at least one of those previews and were like "whoa!". If not, I feel bad, and here are some sweeeet songs I have been digging lately. I haven't blogged in a while and it feels so goooood. Especially since I thought this post got deleted and I magically rediscovered it. And I don't have any Philosophy homework tonight. what's the word?

-mp3- Harvey Danger - Diminishing Returns
-mp3- Feist - Now At Last

-mp3- Herbert - The Movers And The Shakers

this post was actually written by joe, despite what the footer says.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Architecture in Helsinki/The Blow - Live At The Epicentre

Friday was a wonderful night for the RMDS crew as we were lucky enough to see the opening leg of the Architecture in Helsinki tour. Although the evening was dampered slightly by missing band members and some unpolished/missing songs, AIH and The Blow beamed of excitement as they jammed all night long, debuting their new songs.

The Blow
When Khaela Maricich of The Blow got on stage to begin her performance, she was alone. After some small talk with the audiance, the first track began on the speakers and she whisped through the song all by her lonesome. I simply assumed that her partner in crime and drummer, Jona Bechtolt, would be accompanying her shortly. Boy was I wrong and sad when she announced that Jona was doing stuff with his side project Yacht for the night and would not be joining her. Despite my initial dissapointment I forced myself to maintain a positive outlook on the set.

And sweet damn...why did I ever doubt you Ms. Maricich?! If anything, Khaela threw all, if any, of her lonely inhibitions out the window, and danced her way through a sassy set. Her stage presence, similarily to when I saw Lady Sovereign this summer, exhibited the epitome of confidence. Incorporating her own dance moves in the breakdowns of the beats along with story-telling banter between songs gave her set a unique stamp. My only regret was that she didn't play "Parantheses." After talking with her after the show she simply said she wasn't ready to sing that song live. Oh well. She did manage to fit in "Pile of Gold" and "Pardon Me" to the set - both blog favs off of The Blow's upcoming release Paper Television. I look forward to seeing The Blow again a pair though, and with a pair of parantheses too!

-mp3- The Blow - Pile of Gold

Architecture in Helsinki

Although Architecture in Helsinki is now a critically acclaimed group within the indie community due to their wonderful debut In Case We Die, they might as well have been a brand new band Friday: featuring all new songs and missing two band members.

In retrospect their first song (which was said to be inspired by the film
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) was a nice foreshadow for the whole set. The new song was a very slow paced, almost ominous, chanted sing-song that perfectly illuminated the potential for their new album. From there on out, it was a pretty new-song-dominated set. However, AIH threw in plenty of their big hit numbers, all of which were enthusiastically recieved by the audience. For the most part, the set kept the crowd dancing the whole time, and there was a tangible sense of giddy excitement in the air, which culminated in AIH coming back on for one of the most reluctant encores I've ever seen. All in all, the set was sloppy but fun. You could tell that AIH was still adjusting to the loss of a few band members, but the new songs were still irresistibly catchy.

I think all of us here at RMDS left the building with smiles on our faces and a newfound anticipation of AIH's next album. So you, you go bring all your happy friends and go catch AIH on their monsterous tour. Go on, get your groove on with the dopest band from da land down undah...

-mp3- Architecture in Helsinki - It'5!


New (20k leagues under the sea?)
New (Little Mermaid?)
New (About 2007!?)
The Cemetary
Same Old Innocence (New)
Maybe You Can Owe Me
Lazy (Lazy) (New)

Hot to Trot (New)

Thanks for your patience on this review. It was a crazzzzy weekend, capped off with a bunch of hw and such. We got some good posts comin' up though. Look for a mega-movie post from Joe tomorrow!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Ba Ba Ba Ba

All of the members of RMDS are heading up to LA tonight for 6 Flags Fun 'n such. We won't be home till late in the day tomorrow and then we'll ski-daddle our way over to the Architecture in Helsinki and The Blow show. All that being said, we probably won't be posting until Monday. But expect photos and reviews and all that good stuff when we get back. We'll see you then!

(agh, ezarchive isnt workin now either, so you'll have to do without your songs right here)

cya l8r

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Shut up and play that guitar

"What else would you have me be?" are the echoing words Ben Nichols begs in the fantastic opener of Lucero's latest outing Rebels, Rogues & Sworn Brothers. It seems like the perfect start to a great new album; asking his ex-darling if there is anything she would rather have him be. The rest of the album, due to hit stores September 26th via the Liberty and Lament label, goes on to answer that question: of course not.

Nichols and the gang have put together a record that proves they are not going to stop making great music (as if any of their previous records didn't). Rebels, Rogues & Sworn Brothers is even more whiskey-breathed and gritty than any of their previous work. That is probably due to their sound being fleshed out by an organ and a piano, adding a little glow to their already highly polished southern rock. And to hold you over 'til the 26th, here are a couple of tracks that I particularly dig off of the forthcoming album...

-mp3- Lucero - What Else Would You Have Me Be
-mp3- Lucero - Cass

Lucero on Myspace
Buy Rebels, Rogues & Sworn Brothers at Insound

And here is them covering Jawbreaker's Kiss the Bottle, just for kicks.
-mp3- Lucero - Kiss the Bottle

((And when you're holding me...))

Don't let the picture disturb you. The Blow aren't scary people. On the contrary, Khaela Maricich sings some of the nicest pop melodies you've ever heard while Jona Bechtolt spraypaints a musical backdrop filled with fun dance-worthy jams. And the best news is that these two Oregonians(?!) are set to release their new full length album Paper Television on K Records Ocotober 24th!

The album's bass thumping opening track "Pile of Gold" has been making the blog rounds for a few weeks now, but in case that wasn't enough, we have two more songs off of their upcoming album to satisfy your musical tastebuds.
Skatterbrain was the first to turn me onto the track "Parantheses" and I've had it on repeat since. It's a windy love story. With Khaela's beautiful voice at the healm, this track travels from a deli aisle to the arms of an insecure girl. This song's a virtual guidebook into a woman's head! Just listen and learn fellas. They just want you tol hold 'um.

"Pardon Me," although found later on the album, is equally good. The lyrics take a sassy turn, the beats stay infectious, and The Blow deliver another excellent song. Enjoy! And get excited for October 24th.

-mp3- The Blow - Parantheses (((((((((Do it!)))))))))
The Blow - Pardon Me

The Blow's Website
The Blow on Myspace
Preorder Paper Television @ Amazon

ps. Look for their tour dates with Architecture in Helsinki !!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

So fresh and so clean...

With 28 posts under our belt and over three full weeks of posting, we here at RMDS felt it was time to say goodbye to that tacky header template and give our blog a fresh new look. It's been long awaited I know, but it's better late than never. So give it a gander and leave us some nice comments with feedback. Or mean ones. Those work too. But seriously, let us know what you think and if you don't like it we'll tweak with it.

Oh, I even tossed together a mix for this special occassion...Enjoy!

-mp3- Bright Eyes - A New Arrangement
-mp3- Beach Boys - Surf's Up
-mp3- The Mountain Goats - Woke Up New
-mp3- Belle & Sebastian - Electronic Renaissance
-mp3- The Shins - New Slang
-mp3- Rufus Wainwright - Pretty Things

...special thanks to our friend zack for helpin us out with all that photoshoppin'!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I Reached Down For You

I am a sucker for shoegaze guitar. That is probably exactly what I am going to say when I put Citrus by Asobi Seksu on my top 10 of 2006 list. It's never too early to start formulating these sorts of things.
Asobi Seksu is white boys and an asian girl singer. They are not the YYYs. They could get compared to a lot of bands on the more poppy end of the shoegazing scale. I'm going to go out on a limb here (a limb of the tree of "maybe Joseph doesn't know what he's talking about") but I don't think an album has come along recently with some nice lush pop like this that isn't all hand-clappy or twee or anything like that. I am going to go out on another limb of the same tree and make a Slowdive comparison. Refer to the first sentence of the post. I am digging the ohmygoodness out of this album.
Here are some songs, pay attention to this band, they really deserve it a lot a lot. I am probably a month or two or more late on them, but hey, listen to them again.

-mp3- Asobi Seksu - New Years
-mp3- Asobi Seksu - Thursday
-mp3- Asobi Seksu - Nefi+Girly

Asobi Seksu's Site
CheckTheir Myspace Too!
Buy Citrus at Insound

Tokyo Police Club

I am always on the lookout for a good band. I found one a couple of days ago. They go by the name Tokyo Police Club (even though I am pretty sure that: a) they are not from Japan. b) they are not police officers and c) it's not really a club.) I found them through Ted Leo's web log (or blog for all you hippies) because apparently they played a show with 'em. Their music is quite upbeat and usually about robots, the future, or robots from the future. They recently released an EP entitled A Lesson In Crime. Some of the songs are actually very good. So listen up. I know what I am talking about. I write blogs for christ's sake!

-mp3- Tokyo Police Club - Cheer It On
-mp3- Tokyo Police Club - Citizens of Tomorrow

Check out tour dates 'n such on their Myspace
Buy their stuff at Insound

Oh, and they are from Newmarket, Canada. So a little more insight into the mind of a canuck.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Page France Preps Fall Tour

I am stoked to be amped. Waking up to see this made my day...

Oct 26 2006 Wheaton College Wheaton, IL
Oct 27 2006 Schubas +18 Chicago, IL
Oct 28 2006 Warehouse La Crosse, WI
Oct 29 2006 Varsity Theatre +18 Minneapolis , MN
Oct 31 2006 Maintenance Shop Ames, IA
Nov 1 2006 Jackpot Lawrence, KS
Nov 2 2006 Sokol Underground Omaha, NE
Nov 3 2006 Hi-Dive Denver, CO
Nov 4 2006 Kilby Court Salt Lake City, UT
Nov 5 2006 Bourbon St. Boise, ID
Nov 7 2006 Chop Suey Seattle, WA
Nov 8 2006 Berbati's Pan 21+ Portland, OR
Nov 9 2006 Bottom of The Hill San Francisco, CA *
Nov 10 2006 Chain Reaction Anaheim, CA *
Nov 11 2006 Spaceland 21+ Los Angeles, CA *
Nov 12 2006 Alex's Bar 21+ Long Beach, CA *
Nov 13 2006 House of Blues San Diego, CA <-- Counting down the days!
Nov 15 2006 Clubhouse Phoenix, AZ
Nov 17 2006 Stubbs Austin, TX
Nov 19 2006 Walters Houston, TX +
Nov 21 2006 WC Dons Jackson, MS +
Nov 22 2006 Vinyl Atlanta, GA +
Nov 24 2006 Social Orlando, FL +
Nov 25 2006 Fuel Coffee House Jacksonville, FL +
Nov 26 2006 The End Nashville, TN +
Nov 28 2006 Cat's Cradle Carrboro, NC
Nov 29 2006 Star Hill Music Hall Charlottesville, VA
Nov 30 2006 Ottobar Baltimore, MD
Dec 1 2006 Mercury Lounge New York, NY ..
Dec 2 2006 Maxwells Hoboken, NJ ..
Dec 3 2006 Northstar Philadelphia, PA ..
Dec 5 2006 Middle East Boston, MA ..
Dec 6 2006 Webster Underground Hartford, CT ..
Dec 6 2006 TBA Pittsburgh, PA ..
Dec 7 2006 Mohawk Buffalo, NY ..
Dec 8 2006 Grog Shop Cleveland, OH -
Dec 9 2006 Magic Stick Detroit -

All shows with anathallo.
* w/ anathallo, tiny lights

+ w/ anathallo, colour revolt
.. w/ anathallo, denison witmer
- w/ anathallo, those transatlantics

Definitely do not miss out on seeing this show if you can. Anathallo is a ball of fun live, and Page France is the one band that I've been craving to see live for a looooong time. :)

Oh, and in case you were curious as to what other shows RMDS will be hitting up this fall:
Architecture in Helsinki - Sept. 16 @ The Epicentre (San Diego)
TV on the Radio - September 25 @ Soma (San Diego)
Band of Horses - September 30 @ The Epicentre (San Diego)
Sufjan Stevens - October 9 @ The Wiltern (Los Angelos)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Brown Recluse Sings and Miscellany...

(Sigh). What a fun and interesting weekend we had here at RMDS (emphasis on interesting)...Hopefully you checked out our Format and Anathallo review (twas a very good time)...Anyways, now on to the good stuff...

I don't know why I have sat on this for so long. Maybe it's cause I've been listening to it non-stop for the past week (Check my if you don't belive me!). But the promptness of this post is in no way relational to the excellence of thier music. Ok, before the ambiguousness drives you crazy, let me tell you that Brown Recluse Sings is legit.

"Beautiful indie pop" would be my way to describe this Philadelphia quintet's sound. Their songs come across as effortless and non-chalant; casually placing trumpets and keyboards into their swaying acoustic melodies. "Lazy Bones," the EP's opener and highlight, is a song of lamenting: a college student's anthem. This isn't a song about a slob being "lazy," but that of a semi-regretful teen sleeping in till 3 in the afternoon. He plans on mowing the lawn later. Maybe...The following track is just as good. "The Calm Before The Storm" shows no indication of a storm whatsoever. In fact, the song is pure summer bliss right from the get-go. The sunkissed lyrics blossom over and over again (0:39, 0:43, 1:15, 1:20...). Try not to bob your head.

-mp3- Brown Recluse Sings - Lazy Bones
-mp3- Brown Recluse Sings - The Calm Before The Storm

I could go on like this for each of the six songs on the EP, but the nice fellas at BRS asked me to stop at 2! Look for their debut to be ready in October! Show 'em some love and be their friend...

Brown Recluse Sings on Myspace


Now on to the miscellany. And not any miscellany to dismiss I might add...

- If you even made one half-assed effort to read the blogs today, than you've already seen the Sufjan news.
Wait, wait, wait! Tell me. Ok fine. Asthmatic Kitty announced today that Sufjan is readying a 5-disc Christmas box set to hit the shelves on November 21. It comes with all kinds of goodies (stickers, essays, pictures, etc!!!). And the best part is AK offered up a new song. I like can too:

-mp3- Sufjan Stevens - Sister Winter

- You should head over to IGIF to check out a sweet hip hop post(if you are into that)...I'm really starting to get envious of these guys and their ridiculously good mega-posts.

- I too, like many other bloggers, have been listening non-stop to the new Joanna Newsom album YS. And like Joe, I also have found a top candidate for my album of the year. It is playful, emotional, serious, juvenile, prolific, beautiful, monumental, and so many other adjectives rolled into one...Check out a sweet Newsom post over at the Yellow Stereo, where you can snag a bundle of live tracks.

...well I think that's about it. RMDS has a ton of new albums on our que, so look forward to some good posts in the near future. Like always, right?!

Monday, September 04, 2006

R.I.P. Steve Irwin

I am in San Diego right now instead of back home in Seattle and I am missing
Bumbershoot. I am sort of bummed about this, but then again, I am not made of money. Oh well.
One of the bands I would've most liked to see at said festival is definitely mewithoutYou. I've already seen them a handful of times, but it's always a lot of fun.
I think sometimes people write mewithoutYou off as another
emo band (or even worse, another christian rock band). I am sad that people think these things, and whenever possible, I try and convince people otherwise. mewithoutYou has depth, passion, and talent well beyond that of almost any other band I can think of. They are a personal favorite of mine, and right now, they are miles ahead of several more P-Fork Approved indie bands in the race for the title of Joseph's album of the year (thank you peter miller).
So without further blah blah blahing, here is one song from their upcoming album (it really rules omg you have no idea) Brother, Sister and one song each from their two previous albums, Catch For Us The Foxes and [A-->B] Life.

-mp3- mewithoutYou -
Nice and Blue (pt. 2)
-mp3- mewithoutYou -
Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt
-mp3- mewithoutYou -
Four Word Letter (pt. 2)

mewithoutYou on Myspace
mewithoutYou on da web (check out the blog section, good readings)
Buy their albums!!

ok, I might make another post later, but I really wanted to post on this album. Have a great day...

Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Format/Anathallo - Live at Soma

Mmm, well so far RMDS is two for two on concerts this fall. As a follow up to our wonderful Wolf Parade/Frog Eyes escapade, last night we were treated to a show dripping with nostalgic pop bliss as The Format and Anathallo serenaded teenie boppers and bloggers alike in San Diego.


I have often listening to a band's hyped up album, enjoyed it, and then became completely dissapointed by a stagnant and dissapointing live show. This is what happened when I saw Tapes 'n Tapes last summer. And after listening to Anathallo's Floating World a couple of times through, I was already crossing my fingers, hoping I could avoid another TnT. And unlike the aeformentioned blog babies, Anathallo's performance was a nice expansion on their recorded work. With their members scattered across the whole stage, swapping instruments that ranged from glockenspiels to trumpets, Anathallo delivevered perfect pop in a genuine and accessible way. They were the perfect balance of innocent fun and serious musicianship. Definitely an appropriate warm up for The Format...

The Format
If you find yourself seeing The Format any time soon, chances are you will be a bit disconcerted at the site of 100,000 14 year old girls in the audience. True, the audience did not present a typical people-that-like-good-music demographic, but The Format kicked my cynicism's ass and melted my cold elitest heart with a set that...pretty much ruled. Every song was perfectly executed. Lead singer Nate Ruess threw in an impressive amount of rock star showmanship, and the song selection (see below) included a generous helping of tracks from
Interventions... (8 to be exact!), that provided the nostalgia fix I was hoping for going into the show. But it wasn't a complete stroll down memory lane as The Format packed in the best of their poppy hits off of the summer release Dog Problems. All in all, it was a perfect mix.
The Format knows their audience, they know that bombast sells and catchiness needs to be embraced, not avoided. They fill a very necessary role: the band that unites hipsters and their younger siblings through great pop songs. Usually only things like Christmas can do that in families torn apart by the opposing forces of the blogosphere and P!@TD.

Dog Problems
First Single
Wait, Wait, Wait
Sore Thumb
I'm Ready, I Am
She Doesn't Get It
Tune Out
Give It Up
The Compromise
On Your Porch

Timbe Bomb
Tie The Rope

Special thanks to San Diego photographer Jonny Ups for allowing us to use his great photos. Check his site out here!

Come on, Come on

Do you like rock 'n roll? Yeah? So do I and so does The Head Set. And they are doing it better than 99% of the bands on the radio these days (I think; I don't really listen to that thing, I hear the waves give you cancer... or maybe that's cell phones.) They are working on their LP as we speak, that's right 24hrs a day 7 days a week, their the hardest working group in showbiz. Plus, they have an entire EP online for FREE!!! Who would think you could get free music from the internet? It's like the radio minus the cancer! Unless the internet gives you cancer too... These three songs get me everytime. Download them, then go to their website and download s'more.

-mp3- The Head Set - Pure Convenience
-mp3- The Head Set - Come On, Come On
-mp3- The Head Set - Bonnie and Clyde

p.s. It's really good stuff. Think 70s rock. They even got studio time with Television's guitarist Richard Lloyd. Oh yeah, get their other EP Ask Her Twice on Amazon. Come on! Come on!

Friday, September 01, 2006

My feet won't get me there...

Yaye. I'm going to go join hundreds of teen girls and boys with swooping haircuts tonight to see the Format and Anathallo. Definitley excited to see The Format play off of both Dog Problems and Interventions and Lulabies. Grrr, well it should be a good time. I should have a review up in the near future as well. But to hold you over, I'll give you some Format tracks you may not have already gotten your paws on. Arg Arg. What an appropriate Dog Problems pun. No? Ok. Anyways, enjoy.

-mp3- The Format - Janet (live)
-mp3- The Format - I'm Only Sleeping (Beatles Cover) (live)
-mp3- The Format - The Compromise (acoustic)

The Format on Myspace
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