Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Fall/Winter Movie Picks

It is almost fall, which means it is almost winter, which means the year is almost over, which means that...
Many sweet movies (or films, I am totally improper and switch back and forth) will come out between now and the end of the year (they do this cause they want to win awards and make $). Basically, from now until mid-January or so is prime movie time. So.
Here is my list of movies I am really really looking forward to.


The Prestige
The Prestige has so many things going for it it's not even funny. It's about magicians, it has an amazing cast (seriously, David Bowie and Scarlett Johansson, plus a Batman vs. Wolverine showdown), and it's directed by Christopher Nolan who really has not yet failed to provide the public with sweet films. If I sound EXTRA geeky about this one, it's because I am really geeking out over this film.
Peep it.

Trailer on
The Prestige on IMDB

Everything about this is promising to me. I love ensemble dramas, it has an AMAZING cast, it is helmed by one of the mob of ultra-talented Latin American directors, the trailer rules...I could see this film becoming a new favorite of mine...not that I have high expectations for it or anything...

Trailer on
Babel on IMDB

A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints
This trailer really reminds me of Mean Streets. It won the directorial and best ensemble cast awards at Sundance. It stars Robert Downey Jr. All these descriptions of movies I'm excited for are getting really repetitive. But yeah, this one looks great.

Trailer on
A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints on IMDB


Pan's Labyrinth
I really am not a big Guillermo del Toro fan, but holy cow, this is going to be the creepiest, mind-blowingest, down-the-rabbit-hole, movie ever. Hopefully. The dominant movie geeks are totally freaking out over this one, and these guys are my film fan role models, so I am following their lead. Check it out.

JoBlo's got some trailers
Pan's Labyrinth on IMDB

This one probably should just be in the normal "I'm looking forward to it" category, but hey, it looks weird, so it goes here. This is a biopic of sorts of Diane Arbus, and (other than the fact that Robert Downey Jr. and Nicole Kidman are in this, I mean, c'mon, who would you rather watch act and all that jazz?) I am mostly looking forward to the fact that this film seems more interested in presenting a creative portrait of a famous individual's mindset than in making said famous individual into a token inspiration story (cough cough). So yeah, I'm excited for this (weird) one.

Trailer on
Fur on IMDB

This film looks almost too epic, it's in another language, Mel Gibson embarasses himself sometimes, etc. etc. So yeah, just edges into the weird category. Still, no matter how you feel, you can't deny that this film is going to be a spectacle and a half. This is the sort of film that people mostly stopped attempting after, say, the 1930s. Leave it Mel Gibson. He's like Beaver, but unkind and bearded (or is he....well, he is bearded, but people like to debate his unkindness...anyways).

Trailer on
Apocalypto on IMDB


All The King's Men
"Amazing Cast" is sort of a recurring theme in this post, and this film is (very blatantly) no exception. Now, the only reason this one isn't in a more respectable category is that it has all the markings of an Oscar-bait-gone-mediocre type problem project: the release was delayed, the reviews are ho-hum, and it appears to be the 2nd most Oscar-targeted film coming out this year (this is the Number 1). But you know, Sean Penn does some real face melting monologue action (it reminds me of another blistering film monologue...) and that alone is enough to get me out to see this one.

Trailer on
All The King's Men on IMDB

Marie Antoinette
Hmmm...I don't like the trailer very much at all and I think Kirsten Dunst has little to no chance of being capable of carrying a movie like this. But you know, I could be wrong. And even if it is a miss or the biggest WTF? of all time, it will still be interesting to watch and probably have some sweet tunes in it.

Trailer on
Marie Antoinette on IMDB

The Fountain
This is getting a lot of bad reviews and the trailer is sort of underwhelming. Movie Geeks, however, are stoked on it (or so they say, and I always follow their lead. Therefore, I am hesitantly stoked on this film. It's Darren Aronofsky, it'll be interesting if it's nothing else.

Trailer on
The Fountain on IMDB

so yeah, hopefully you watched at least one of those previews and were like "whoa!". If not, I feel bad, and here are some sweeeet songs I have been digging lately. I haven't blogged in a while and it feels so goooood. Especially since I thought this post got deleted and I magically rediscovered it. And I don't have any Philosophy homework tonight. what's the word?

-mp3- Harvey Danger - Diminishing Returns
-mp3- Feist - Now At Last

-mp3- Herbert - The Movers And The Shakers

this post was actually written by joe, despite what the footer says.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi this is nancy.

im glad you got a chance to post a blog about this ish b/c you've been *seriously* geeking out about it in person for a while. don't worry we will all see these in due time. should a crew of us see science of sleep on like, saturday? anyway, my thoughts on your blog (you may notice a trend)

scarlett johannson is so beautiful and beautiful.. im still not positive that she can act so well, but who cares, really.
shea lebouf is so cool.
marie antoinette boasts sofia coppola (love) and world famous costumer milena canonero. i think its an excuse for fashion/feminism. haha which might be something im in to, who knows.
ok bye

3:47 PM  
Blogger Jacob said...

very nice. we're pretty much stoked about all the same films.

i do admit, you were at this idea before i was. if it hadn't been for your technical difficulties (ie: your burrito high), RMDS would have been on the ball way before JMC. you win, in all cases.

love. me.

12:01 AM  
Blogger rachael nelson said...

kirsten & sofia reunited? i'm pretty sure it's going to rule. or at least i hope so. c'mon, virgin suicides anyone? i'm pumped.

12:50 PM  

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