Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I'm In Love With Your Brother

I've really been getting back into The Knife lately. After just watching their phenomenal new DVD, "Silent Shout: An Audio Visual Experience," I have gained a new found appreciation for the Sweedish duo. Aside from the stunning live set, the DVD includes various music videos; and I found the one below to be incredibly fascinating.

The song, "Pass This On" from their Deep Cuts release, is filmed in what appears to be a banquet room. Although in alot of The Knife's videos the "meaning" is often hazy, this video accurately depicts the creepy lyrics in a successfully creepy way. The video begins with a transvestite(?) lipping the words of the song while seducing Olaf. Meanwhile, Olaf's sister and other member of The Knife, Karin, stares from her seat. What really makes this video stand out though, is the speed that is shot in. While the song moves along at normal speed, the people move in slow motion. Aghhh, just's trippy in so many ways:

Oh, here's a sweet remix of the above song too:
-mp3- The Knife - Pass It On (Dahlback And Dahlback Remix)

Buy all of The Knife's albums, they rule.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

RTB? of the Day: East River Pipe

As promised, I am beginning my new feature today that will be ongoing until I post my "albums of the year" list around Christmas. Being the not-so-creative guy I am, I will be calling it the "Remember This Band?" feature. So anyways, on to the good stuff...

I feel pretty silly not having heard of East River Pipe's 2006 release What Are You On? till just the other day. In fact, when I first got the album, I ignorantly assumed it was their debut. To my suprise, What Are You On?, is ERP's outsanding sixth LP. And although I am not familiar with any of the band's back catalog, I can assure you that this album, released way back in January, is something not to be forgotten during the hustle and bustle of year end lists. The opening two tracks are fantastic:

-mp3- East River Pipe - What Does T.S. Eliot Know About You?
This song really is instantly likeable. His eccentric, muffled voice accompanied with the perplexing lyrics are hard not to latch on to. I can't quite decipher what this song's meaning really is, but I pick up a hint of sarcasm regarding people who think they are really smarter than they actually are. Ahh, I have no clue. It's just a good song, work with me.

-mp3- East River Pipe - Crystal Queen
If Wayne Coyne and The Soft Bulletin had twins that were separated at birth, than this song would be the lost child. While "Race for the Prize" received the proper nurture and upbringing, "Crystal Queen" got lost in the rough. Despite his neglect, he still managed to maintain a simple likeability with its spacy vibe and distant synths. Now that this gem has finally been unearthed for all to hear, and it is his turn to shine. Although no 10.0 reviews will accompany him and his friends, it definitely deserves your ears!

Buy What Are You On?

Monday, November 27, 2006

The Home Stretch...

No picture or "real post" today. Right now I am re-energizing, as it is now that stretch of post Thanksgiving break and pre school/finals assault. But...... I'm really excited about this next month of blogging, surpisingly enough. Over turkey break I received a ton of good albums from a few buds; albums that I had missed this year while I was in my indie-pop shell. So basically, I have tons and tons of albums I want and need to get around to hearing.

With that being said, from now until Christmas I will be revisiting albums from earlier this year that slipped past my radar and thus I will not be posting any "new" music per se, although "new" is a relative term considering it probably will be new to both you and me! Anyways, I know I'm not making any sense, I just wanted you to know what things will look like around here for the next month.

And then of course there is the end of year album list. Although alot of blogs will start putting theirs up real soon, I'm loing to wait until around Christmas, so I have time to make a good, solid list that reflects my favorite albums from the year. Sooooo, sit back, enjoy hearing about some bands you may have overlooked, and get ready for RMDS' album of the year list!

Oh, and to not leave you guys hanging, here is a song from a band you might have forgotten about. This is Phoenix's live version of their wonderful "Long Distance Call" that they did for KEXP the other day. Enjoy.

-mp3- Phoenix - Long Distance Call (Live on KEXP)

Oh, and leave a nice comment if you'd like.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Skygreen Leopards

Mmm, I'm finally back in my home state of Colorado, and it feels good to be home. Cold, but nonetheless still good to be home. Coincidently, The Skygreen Leopards couldn't have come into my life at a better time as their cozy folk-pop is already beginning to help me stay warm.

As far as I can tell, their 5th LP: Disciples of California, went virtually unnoticed in the blog world. The aptly titled album, released not too long ago (October 24) via JagJaguar Records, compiles eleven wonderfull songs which the site describe as a blend of "pop melodies, minimal country truisms, jingle-jangling Californianism and angular folk." Works for me! The title track, which also opens the album, is quite a treat for my ears, and now yours too:

-mp3- The Skygreen Leopards - Disciples of California
Right from the start this track invites you over next to the fire. It really wants to be friends with you, in a sincere Christian kind of way. With its warm, jangly guitar coaxing you near, it's tough not to get sucked in. The almost lazy-sounding vocals recreate an image not to far displaced from the fields of the above photo, and before you know it the 'Leopards got ya sitting down around the fire roastin mallow's with them! And this ain't all that bad...shmores anyone?

The Skygreen Leopards: Website / Myspace / More MP3's / Buy the Album


Anyone else back home for Thanksgiving and gettin' all those weird nostalgic feelings of high school and such? I sure am. Time flies...

Monday, November 20, 2006

Clipse - "Trill"

I have never got excited about a hip hop or rap release. Ever. Sure, I have those random mp3's scattered across my iTunes that you will hear at a club, but I've never been an enthusiast of the genre, not even in the slightest bit. Until now, that is.

See, I heard the buzz bubbling around Clipse's prolonged release Hell Hath No Fury. I heard little bits here, and little bits there about how good this album was going to be. The only hip hop blog I read, Cocaine and Blunts, rated this album way back in 2005 as his second most anticipated album of all of 2006 and Gorilla vs. Bear steadily sung it's praises. And then a couple a days ago Pitchfork wrote a track review on one of the songs on the forthcoming LP and I finally broke. The write-up made me gitty (in the most gangster way possible, that is) and I just couldn't resist getting my hands on this album. Luckily, what I soon discovered on my own, aligned directly with the hype and I couldn't be happier. Enjoy:

-mp3- Clipse - Trill
I don't know enough about hip hop to even come close to writing a good track write-up, so I am going to go ahead and once again direct you to that Pitchfork write-up which got me hyped on all this whole Clipse thing to begin with. I will say in my ignorance, though, that this is one of the illest beats I've ever heard, fronted by some equally incredible dark lyrics. This is gansta s*%t people. "Bitch I'm so trill..."

Bonus track: an extra sweet mash-up of another song you'll find on the LP...
-mp3- Clipse vs. CYHSY - Clap Your Hands Say Wamp Wamp

This album hits stores November 28! Go buy it. If it can give my view on the hip hop genre a full 360, you're sure to be able to find at least something you like:

**Buy Hell Hath No Fury**

Clipse: Website / Myspace / More MP3's


I am heading home to Colorado tomorrow for Thanksgiving Break! I'm pretty sure I will still continue posting amidst all the yams and tryptophan though, so stick around and have a nice Holiday week.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Damien Jurado - "Denton Tx."

When Joe first turned me onto Damien Jurado last spring I couldn't get enough. Rehearsal's For Departure soon became one of my favorite albums and I couldn't stop singing his praises. Needless to say, I was super excited for the oppurtunity to see him live at Sasquatch over Memorial Day Weekend. But for some reason his live performance didn't deliver; mainly because of the distorted amps and loud sound that droned out his cozy, Midwest appeal. I was quite dissapointed.

Upon hearing that his new album was going to hit stores in October of this year via Secret Canadian records, I got re-excited and hoped to enter myself in another Damien Jurado phase, like I had before. But after a spin or two through Now That I'm In Your Shadow, I was bored, disinterested, and once again disappointed.

...But here I am today: a changed man. For some reason I revisisted this album the other day and proceeded to get hit by it like a ton of bricks - something just clicked this time around and I have now fell in love with almost every track, soaking up every drop of its warm, depressing folk.

-mp3- Damien Jurado - Denton, Tx.
In the past few days I think every time I've opened up my iTunes I have immediately clicked on this song. Although the album is filled with sadness, this song might be the culmination of this feeling as it tells a story of a girl who has lost her dad and is now seemingly wandering through her life. Somehow Damien's music always seems to perfectly coincide with the angst and longing that he describes in his lyrics:

She has a dad she doesn't know
Who sends her letters with no return address...
"I don't know his name..."
"He don't know my face..."
"I am better off this way..."

...this song is no exception. With these lyrics resonating with loss, Damien crafts a beautiful song with alternating views of perspective within the song's narration. Gentle strumming and a casual piano are all that back the lyrics, but it's all it needs. As the song softly weaves in and out of various people's thoughts, it never ceases to reflect its lonely, remorseful tone.

Another track off of Damien's 7th and newest LP:
-mp3- Damien Jurado - What Were The Chances

My favorite Damien Jurado track, also coincidentally about loss:
-mp3- Damien Jurado - Ohio

Website / Myspace / Buy Now That I'm In Your Shadow / More MP3's

Friday, November 17, 2006

Ratatat Remixes Revisited

With all the buzz this year around Classics, it's hard not to have heard of Ratatat from somewhere. But even I, being the pre-Classics fan I am, had not heard of the Ratatat Remixes Vol. 1 album which was released way back in 2004. On the album the duo takes thirteen popular (2004) hip hop album tracks and adds their well known shimmering guitar base and their trademark blips 'n bleeps. Anyways, I really like these remixes alot! As a few of my buds and I have discussed before, alot of time rappers and hip-hop artists don't always have the best ear for a good beat to accompany their lyrics and this album demonstrates how good a hip-hop song can be with a bumpin' beat. Here are a few standouts from the album. Enjoy:

-mp3- Ratatat - Kanye West : Get Em High
-mp3- Ratatat - Ghostface Killah & Jadakiss : Run

Also, an unrelated sweet Ratatat remix of an even sweeter song:
-mp3- The Knife - We Share Our Mother's Health (Ratatat Remix)

Ratatat: Myspace / Site
Buy: Ratatat Remixes Vol. 1
More MP3's from the Remixes

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Magic Numbers - "Take A Chance"

I'm not going to lie, I feel kind of silly not having heard of The Magic Numbers until a few days ago. The fact that these four Englishmen formed in 2002 and released their s/t debut in June of 2005 should show that I have been out of the loop. Well in my defense, I can say that now, if any time, is the perfect place to jump on the Magic Number's bandwagaon as they just recently released their wonderful sophomore album Those The Brokes on November 6th via Heavenly 100 records. Although it's a little bit of a tredge to get through the whole album, it does have a few front side gems that are definitely worth hearing. And just because I like you, I think I will share them with you today...

-mp3- The Magic Numbers - Take A Chance
This song isn't waiting for anyone. Right from the start the quick quitar and floating "Oohhh, Ohhh's" show that there isn't going to be any slowing down on this ride. Once the vocals hit, I can't help but hear a softer version of something that'd appear on Phoenix's It's Never Been Like That. And considering that Phoenix's third LP is one of my top albums of this year, it is clear how highly I recommend this song! Anyways, enough with the comparisons - The Magic Number's have that soft rock, indie pop sound down to perfection on this track and you need to listen up. Enjoy!

-mp3- The Magic Numbers - Boy
Mmm, tuck in the covers. It's time for a night lullaby. Oh, and don't get out of bed: "Don't you leave..."

The Magic Numbers: Site / Myspace
More tracks at The Hype Machine
Buy Those The Brokes @ Amazon

Page France - Live at HOB

Ahh yes, after immersing myself in Page France's music for the past nine months it was quite the treat to finally see them live. Although they were sandwhiched in between local San Diegan's Kite Flying Society and the Anathallo brigade, I'm only going to write about my beloved Maryland indie-poppers because I've already reviewed each of the other's live shows. (If you'd like to check out my previous reviews on the other said bands, you can do so here and here!)

Before Page France even played their first song I was pretty dissapointed that they weren't headlining, but I tried not to let that get me down. Michael Nau 'n company came right out of the gate with "Junkyard" and my first reaction was how well Nau's voice came across live - crystal clear - just like on the records. From here Page France played a well balanced mix of tunes from both EP's and Hello, Dear Wind.

One of the highlights throughout the night were Nau's, perceived improvisiations on some of the songs. At the end of "Junkyard" he added multiple verses, which although I can't remember, I can still assure you were fantastic and a nice deviation from the expected. To close the night, the crew finished with "Chariot," but Nau added a few verses on to the end while using the catchy hook from "Feathers": "...and we will be a happy ending." Overall, the show completely delivered as Nau's clear voice and pleasant lyric additions were an excellent expansion to their recorded work. The night just solidified in my mind what a prolific singer/songwriter Michael Nau is, and why Page France is one of the best bands out there right now.

-mp3- Page France - Junkyard
-mp3- Page France - Bush

Say Wolf In The Summertime
Pigeon (New Song!)
(Ahh, forget!)
Chariot / Feathers

Monday, November 13, 2006

Page France Tour EP; Tonight @ HOB

Mmm, yes. It has been long awaited here at RMDS to see our fav's Page France live in concert. And finally that day has come. Tonight Michael Nau and company will bring their breezy and Biblical indie pop all the way from the East Coast to the House of Blues in San Diego. Locals Kite Flying Society (who we saw live earlier) and up-n-commers Anathallo (who we also saw live earlier this year) will both also be playing.

Page France also recently announced that they'd be releasing a tour EP, entitled Tomato Morning, that will be available at all their upcoming shows. And luckily for you, I've got three of the four songs off the EP for your downloading pleasure. Enjoy and cya at the concert!

-mp3- Page France - Tomato Morning
-mp3- Page France - Without a Diamond Ring
-mp3- Page France - Who Cracked Your Egg

Check for a show near you...
Page France on Myspace
Kite Flying Society on Myspace
Anathallo on Myspace

Annuals 'n such...

I'm sure most of you have undoubtedly already heard about these blog-buzzed, P-fork affirmed, experimental-indie rockers from North Carolina. No? Well they are the Annuals. Not "The Annuals," as they'll be quick to point out, but the Annuals. For those of you that have already heard about this band of 19 and 20 some-year-olds, I'm going to spare you the repetitive descriptions of their "hybrid sound" and "layered, dense pop music" - even if it is very true! What I really want, though, is to tune you into a song on their newly released album Be He Me that has me going crazy:

-mp3- Annuals - Dry Clothes
This song is a story. A story with brief foreshadows, character development, and sing-song themes. And like any good story, the climax is the hook - this song is in no way different. Listen to it build, hear the conflict bubbling all the way up to the 2:00 minute mark. And Bam! The lid pops off and the instrumentation is stripped down to a thumping beat and raspy vocals. Listen... ( I haven't air guitared / drummed this hard in a long time). But soon the climax is over, and the resolution proceeds. To bad all good stories must come to an end.

Annuals: Myspace
Buy Be He Me @ Insound

How can something so simple be so perfect?
-mp3- Belle & Sebastian - Piazza, New York Catcher
...And I don't even like baseball!

Utter Tings...

- Pitchfork makes it pretty clear who their album of the year is going to be. I don't really think I can argue.
My Old Kentucky Blog has aggregated quite a few WOXY lounge acts. Mmm, reminds me why I like Ben Kweller's s/t so much.
- IGIF is kickin' it old school with their new Histery Mixery. Although the M83 "I Guess I'm Floating" track on the last segment is a bit self-indulging!
- Wellllll guyyyys and gallllls, that's it for today. I got a ton of new music I'm sorting through, look forward for more consistent posting to come!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

When I Am Gone (Sparrow House and I)

Wow, once again, another long stretch of non-existent blogging. I'd like to say it won't happen again, but stuff happens. Stuff such as: getting straight up spat on by EZArchive, spilling a pop on my keyboard, and getting swamped with presentations and get the idea: it's been rough. Well, luckily I have now snagged another free file hosting service, fixed my keyboard, and emerged from the depths of studying.

But don't be fooled, during this hiatus I have not stopped listening to music. In fact, after receiving my new external hard drive last week, I've been on a mp3 acquiring spree. And slowly and surely, I will theoretically sift through the junk and post all the good stuff that I'm
realllllly enjoying. That's what this blogging's all about anyways, right? Anywayyyys:

I like Voxtrot. And not so coincidentally, I like Sparrow House: which is the moniker by which Voxtrot's Jared Van Fleet releases his beautiful solo material. Already swamped with Voxtrot touring and recording, Jared impressively plans on releasing four seasonal albums over the next year via Sparrow House. I happened to snag the aptly timed Falls EP the other day, and it does not dissapoint. It is filled with very enjoyable soft and intricate pop masterpieces such as this one:

-mp3- Sparrow House -
When I Am Gone
To me this song has that same unexplainable appeal as an Elliot Smith song. I realize this could be considered blasphemy to some, but it's breezy, echoing lyrics and quick, catchy guitar don't seem too far displaced from Elliot's "Somebody That I Used To." Granted, Jared's voice doesn't have near the unique hook of Elliot's, it still manages to intrigue me in that same "complex, yet so simple" way. Ohhhh, I really like when the piano enters at the 1:20 mark tooooo. You won't be disappointed if you download this song, I promise.

Sparrow House:
Website / Myspace
Buy the Falls EP @ the Website.

...Utter Tings:

Two of my favorite artists, The Shins and The Apples In Stereo, both have their 2007 releases leaked (oops!). And yes, I've snagged mp3's from both, and they are wonderful. Kinda dissapointing considering they'd both be in my top 10 of this year without a doubt. Ugh. Well my list will do without them I guess. Oh, by the way, if you happened to acquire these said albums, I'd highly recommend "Red Rabbits" and "Energy," respectively.

- Ryspace, my favorite place for quality live downloads, ripped a very intriguing Sufjan KEXP set from ages ago. One track includes probably my two favorite Sufjan songs ever in back-to-back, lo-fi greatness. Thanks Ryspace and Enjoy:
-mp3- Sufjan Stevens - For The Widows In Paradise + He Woke Me Up Again

The wonderful people over at Good Weather For Airstrikes have figured out their hosting situation and have uploaded their 11'th installment of the M3 mixes, go check it out!

- Oh, and I was curious on your thoughts on
Borat. I saw it over the weekend, laughed my ass off, and then walked out and said I didn't like it! What's your take...?