Monday, November 13, 2006

Annuals 'n such...

I'm sure most of you have undoubtedly already heard about these blog-buzzed, P-fork affirmed, experimental-indie rockers from North Carolina. No? Well they are the Annuals. Not "The Annuals," as they'll be quick to point out, but the Annuals. For those of you that have already heard about this band of 19 and 20 some-year-olds, I'm going to spare you the repetitive descriptions of their "hybrid sound" and "layered, dense pop music" - even if it is very true! What I really want, though, is to tune you into a song on their newly released album Be He Me that has me going crazy:

-mp3- Annuals - Dry Clothes
This song is a story. A story with brief foreshadows, character development, and sing-song themes. And like any good story, the climax is the hook - this song is in no way different. Listen to it build, hear the conflict bubbling all the way up to the 2:00 minute mark. And Bam! The lid pops off and the instrumentation is stripped down to a thumping beat and raspy vocals. Listen... ( I haven't air guitared / drummed this hard in a long time). But soon the climax is over, and the resolution proceeds. To bad all good stories must come to an end.

Annuals: Myspace
Buy Be He Me @ Insound

How can something so simple be so perfect?
-mp3- Belle & Sebastian - Piazza, New York Catcher
...And I don't even like baseball!

Utter Tings...

- Pitchfork makes it pretty clear who their album of the year is going to be. I don't really think I can argue.
My Old Kentucky Blog has aggregated quite a few WOXY lounge acts. Mmm, reminds me why I like Ben Kweller's s/t so much.
- IGIF is kickin' it old school with their new Histery Mixery. Although the M83 "I Guess I'm Floating" track on the last segment is a bit self-indulging!
- Wellllll guyyyys and gallllls, that's it for today. I got a ton of new music I'm sorting through, look forward for more consistent posting to come!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's not even the Annuals. It's justs Annuals. Dummy.

8:57 AM  
Blogger peter said...

well anon, that antecedent must still preceed the band name, otherwise the sentence makes no sense. the lack of capitalization on the "the" should have made that clear for my nitpicky readers.

10:35 AM  

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