Friday, November 17, 2006

Ratatat Remixes Revisited

With all the buzz this year around Classics, it's hard not to have heard of Ratatat from somewhere. But even I, being the pre-Classics fan I am, had not heard of the Ratatat Remixes Vol. 1 album which was released way back in 2004. On the album the duo takes thirteen popular (2004) hip hop album tracks and adds their well known shimmering guitar base and their trademark blips 'n bleeps. Anyways, I really like these remixes alot! As a few of my buds and I have discussed before, alot of time rappers and hip-hop artists don't always have the best ear for a good beat to accompany their lyrics and this album demonstrates how good a hip-hop song can be with a bumpin' beat. Here are a few standouts from the album. Enjoy:

-mp3- Ratatat - Kanye West : Get Em High
-mp3- Ratatat - Ghostface Killah & Jadakiss : Run

Also, an unrelated sweet Ratatat remix of an even sweeter song:
-mp3- The Knife - We Share Our Mother's Health (Ratatat Remix)

Ratatat: Myspace / Site
Buy: Ratatat Remixes Vol. 1
More MP3's from the Remixes


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