Sunday, September 24, 2006

Kite Flying Society - Live at Adams Av. Fair

Just a few hours ago I was treated to a wonderful outdoor performance by Kite Flying Society at the Adams Avenue State Fair. After a slew of 21+ performances in San Diego, it was a breath of fresh air(literally) to finally see KFS play live for the fam, kiddos, and RMDS.

The up-start San Diego indie group perfomed on a side street to the fair and managed to attract quite a large crowd by the end of their set. The band's balantanly obvious summer pop sound transcended nicely to the bustling fair atmosphere. KFS played almost all the happy hits off of their wonderful debut
Where Is The Glow?, as well as their melodic, soft sing-song lullabies "Groundflower" and "Tiger Stripes." They did venture away from their album once, performing a perfectly fitting cover of Ace of Base's "The Sign."

I think every Kite Flying Society show should be outside. It's really the only way to do their summer sound justice. With a free snow cone in hand, the show was a much needed break away from the stress of school and a nice reminder of some good 'ol summer fun. Whether it be under a roof or not, be sure to check out Kite Flying Society's always groing tour!

-mp3- Kite Flying Society - Groundflower


Submarine Music
(I blanked on this one. Sorry)
Hello June
If I Could Split
6000 Shipwrecks
This Shadow
The Sign (Ace of Base Cover)
Tiger Stripes


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