Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Magic Numbers - "Take A Chance"

I'm not going to lie, I feel kind of silly not having heard of The Magic Numbers until a few days ago. The fact that these four Englishmen formed in 2002 and released their s/t debut in June of 2005 should show that I have been out of the loop. Well in my defense, I can say that now, if any time, is the perfect place to jump on the Magic Number's bandwagaon as they just recently released their wonderful sophomore album Those The Brokes on November 6th via Heavenly 100 records. Although it's a little bit of a tredge to get through the whole album, it does have a few front side gems that are definitely worth hearing. And just because I like you, I think I will share them with you today...

-mp3- The Magic Numbers - Take A Chance
This song isn't waiting for anyone. Right from the start the quick quitar and floating "Oohhh, Ohhh's" show that there isn't going to be any slowing down on this ride. Once the vocals hit, I can't help but hear a softer version of something that'd appear on Phoenix's It's Never Been Like That. And considering that Phoenix's third LP is one of my top albums of this year, it is clear how highly I recommend this song! Anyways, enough with the comparisons - The Magic Number's have that soft rock, indie pop sound down to perfection on this track and you need to listen up. Enjoy!

-mp3- The Magic Numbers - Boy
Mmm, tuck in the covers. It's time for a night lullaby. Oh, and don't get out of bed: "Don't you leave..."

The Magic Numbers: Site / Myspace
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Buy Those The Brokes @ Amazon


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