Tuesday, September 26, 2006

TV on the Radio / The Ohsees - Live at Soma

Yo yo yo, last night RMDS took a rare break from studies (we are HW machines) and caught TV On The Radio with The Ohsees at Soma. And let me tell you before we start this review...you know all that hype you've been hearing about this soul-filled indie rock band from Brooklyn? It's true. And although this cat has been out of the bag for awhile, we here at RMDS can finally say: TV On The Radio is legit and we witnessed it first hand last night.

The Ohsees
The Ohsees opened for TVOTR. They were spitting/sporting the whole "indie garage blues" type vibe. My mind was racing with comparisons the whole show, I think at one point I was ready to deem them "The Kills fronted by Jamie Stewart". It made a lot more sense at the time. At any rate, I liked this band's sound, but I felt like their songs could've used a little more variety, and maybe an occasional face melter. I feel that the previously mentioned "indie garage blues" sound usually consists of bands whose songs culminate in either rocking yr face off or descending into sloppiness. The Ohsees chose the latter, and while it was good dirty fun, my heart was achin' for something...more? So while I cannot give them a raging rave review, their songs were fun, and I think they have some major pot-ten-tial. check it.

TV On The Radio
I'm not sure if TVOR considered it a diss to be tossed on the small stage at Soma (a room probably comparable in size to your living room, but longer), but if they did, they certainly used it as incentive to blow down the constricting walls last night. Their expansive sound filled up every square inch of the room, blasting indie ears for a 12 song set that included hits off of both their previous album and EP, as well as their new and heralded Return To Cookie Mountain.

Opening with the long winded "Wash The Day Away," TV On The Radio wiped away any indications of showing touring fatigue. Lead singer Tumbe danced his way through the night with jolting arm gestures and soul filled singing. Kyp Malone, the guitarist and mastermind behind TVOR, presented a calm, relaxed demeanor which nicely juxtiposed Tumbe's seemingly uncontrolable energy. The peak of the night was reached early in the set when the crew howled through arguably two of the best songs of the year, "Province" and "Wolf Like Me," back-to-back. From there on out, TVOR had the crowd eating out of their hand for the rest of the night. Don't even get us started on the live version of "Let the Devil In"!

Despite my normal annoyance with super loud live music and distortion, TV On The Radio made it work. When I couldn't hear the words I simply marveled at the band's energy or hummed along with the intense, and at times, epic lyrics. Maybe I'm giving these guys too much credit with those words, but to me this album is all of those things and their live performance is a justice-serving unwinding of the layered genius found on their album.

-mp3- TV On The Radio - Province



Blogger rachael nelson said...

five paragraphs & only one song? seriously, boys. this ratio is not working for me.

8:04 PM  
Blogger peter said...

sorry rachael, i made a false assumption that most of our readers already had the album. we will send it to you.

8:08 PM  
Anonymous nancy said...

send it to me too .. please

8:26 PM  
Blogger Skubic said...

I am bummed I missed that one.

12:09 AM  
Blogger Jacob said...

this really pumped me up for their seattle show. good review.

8:13 PM  
Anonymous christina said...

it was at soma??? i thought it was at the casbah and thus 21+. that makes me mightily sad. my fiction professor was even promoting them in class. :(

1:23 AM  
Blogger peter said...

ha, yaaaa. it's a rare occassion to snag a good band not at the casbah, that's for sure.

10:30 AM  
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