Thursday, November 09, 2006

When I Am Gone (Sparrow House and I)

Wow, once again, another long stretch of non-existent blogging. I'd like to say it won't happen again, but stuff happens. Stuff such as: getting straight up spat on by EZArchive, spilling a pop on my keyboard, and getting swamped with presentations and get the idea: it's been rough. Well, luckily I have now snagged another free file hosting service, fixed my keyboard, and emerged from the depths of studying.

But don't be fooled, during this hiatus I have not stopped listening to music. In fact, after receiving my new external hard drive last week, I've been on a mp3 acquiring spree. And slowly and surely, I will theoretically sift through the junk and post all the good stuff that I'm
realllllly enjoying. That's what this blogging's all about anyways, right? Anywayyyys:

I like Voxtrot. And not so coincidentally, I like Sparrow House: which is the moniker by which Voxtrot's Jared Van Fleet releases his beautiful solo material. Already swamped with Voxtrot touring and recording, Jared impressively plans on releasing four seasonal albums over the next year via Sparrow House. I happened to snag the aptly timed Falls EP the other day, and it does not dissapoint. It is filled with very enjoyable soft and intricate pop masterpieces such as this one:

-mp3- Sparrow House -
When I Am Gone
To me this song has that same unexplainable appeal as an Elliot Smith song. I realize this could be considered blasphemy to some, but it's breezy, echoing lyrics and quick, catchy guitar don't seem too far displaced from Elliot's "Somebody That I Used To." Granted, Jared's voice doesn't have near the unique hook of Elliot's, it still manages to intrigue me in that same "complex, yet so simple" way. Ohhhh, I really like when the piano enters at the 1:20 mark tooooo. You won't be disappointed if you download this song, I promise.

Sparrow House:
Website / Myspace
Buy the Falls EP @ the Website.

...Utter Tings:

Two of my favorite artists, The Shins and The Apples In Stereo, both have their 2007 releases leaked (oops!). And yes, I've snagged mp3's from both, and they are wonderful. Kinda dissapointing considering they'd both be in my top 10 of this year without a doubt. Ugh. Well my list will do without them I guess. Oh, by the way, if you happened to acquire these said albums, I'd highly recommend "Red Rabbits" and "Energy," respectively.

- Ryspace, my favorite place for quality live downloads, ripped a very intriguing Sufjan KEXP set from ages ago. One track includes probably my two favorite Sufjan songs ever in back-to-back, lo-fi greatness. Thanks Ryspace and Enjoy:
-mp3- Sufjan Stevens - For The Widows In Paradise + He Woke Me Up Again

The wonderful people over at Good Weather For Airstrikes have figured out their hosting situation and have uploaded their 11'th installment of the M3 mixes, go check it out!

- Oh, and I was curious on your thoughts on
Borat. I saw it over the weekend, laughed my ass off, and then walked out and said I didn't like it! What's your take...?


Anonymous christina said...

Borat was beyond hilarious. Beyond. It was so wrong, yet sooo right.

How could you not like it?

10:27 AM  
Blogger peter said...

ugh. i think the one thing that really bothered me were some of the really forced scenes (ie. the bear thing and whole pamela ordeal.) the totally uncripted stuff like the rodeo and etiquette dinner were great, but overall i think it was too forced and didnt live up to the hype. i'd take da ali g show any day over it. but who knows. maybe im wrong!

12:31 PM  
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