Saturday, September 02, 2006

Come on, Come on

Do you like rock 'n roll? Yeah? So do I and so does The Head Set. And they are doing it better than 99% of the bands on the radio these days (I think; I don't really listen to that thing, I hear the waves give you cancer... or maybe that's cell phones.) They are working on their LP as we speak, that's right 24hrs a day 7 days a week, their the hardest working group in showbiz. Plus, they have an entire EP online for FREE!!! Who would think you could get free music from the internet? It's like the radio minus the cancer! Unless the internet gives you cancer too... These three songs get me everytime. Download them, then go to their website and download s'more.

-mp3- The Head Set - Pure Convenience
-mp3- The Head Set - Come On, Come On
-mp3- The Head Set - Bonnie and Clyde

p.s. It's really good stuff. Think 70s rock. They even got studio time with Television's guitarist Richard Lloyd. Oh yeah, get their other EP Ask Her Twice on Amazon. Come on! Come on!


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