Friday, September 15, 2006

Ba Ba Ba Ba

All of the members of RMDS are heading up to LA tonight for 6 Flags Fun 'n such. We won't be home till late in the day tomorrow and then we'll ski-daddle our way over to the Architecture in Helsinki and The Blow show. All that being said, we probably won't be posting until Monday. But expect photos and reviews and all that good stuff when we get back. We'll see you then!

(agh, ezarchive isnt workin now either, so you'll have to do without your songs right here)

cya l8r


Blogger Brad aka Penguin said...

Aha, can't wait for that AiH post - they'll be coming in this Tuesday and I'm still not sure whether I should make the trip and see them across town, so hopefully you can help to encourage me...

11:18 PM  

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