Monday, September 04, 2006

R.I.P. Steve Irwin

I am in San Diego right now instead of back home in Seattle and I am missing
Bumbershoot. I am sort of bummed about this, but then again, I am not made of money. Oh well.
One of the bands I would've most liked to see at said festival is definitely mewithoutYou. I've already seen them a handful of times, but it's always a lot of fun.
I think sometimes people write mewithoutYou off as another
emo band (or even worse, another christian rock band). I am sad that people think these things, and whenever possible, I try and convince people otherwise. mewithoutYou has depth, passion, and talent well beyond that of almost any other band I can think of. They are a personal favorite of mine, and right now, they are miles ahead of several more P-Fork Approved indie bands in the race for the title of Joseph's album of the year (thank you peter miller).
So without further blah blah blahing, here is one song from their upcoming album (it really rules omg you have no idea) Brother, Sister and one song each from their two previous albums, Catch For Us The Foxes and [A-->B] Life.

-mp3- mewithoutYou -
Nice and Blue (pt. 2)
-mp3- mewithoutYou -
Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt
-mp3- mewithoutYou -
Four Word Letter (pt. 2)

mewithoutYou on Myspace
mewithoutYou on da web (check out the blog section, good readings)
Buy their albums!!

ok, I might make another post later, but I really wanted to post on this album. Have a great day...


Blogger Charlie said...

Hey, I haven't seen you guys around the forum in a while. Hope my comment didn't throw you off that time. Didn't mean it as anything harsh or anything and hope you didn't take it that way. Either way, come back and chat or otherwise, I'll just keep coming by your blog and checking it out. Take care.

7:39 PM  

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