Saturday, August 19, 2006

Whats Up Internet What Up / 1st Real Post

Summer is over. And our blog is here. To kick things off, we have a bunch of goodies for you that we hand picked for your enjoyment. (Just bare with the picture as it is a quasi practice for posting pictures as well as a hilarious inside joke).

Joe's Picks...
Ten billion paragraphs have been written about hot summertime goodtime fun in the sun music. Think Beach Boys or happy dance music or something. And I'm not about to try and put a dent in that stereotype. It's only our first post after all.

So here is some fun summer music. It's "fun" because it's so monumentally profane that if you took it seriously, your soul would die. Most of this song is typical N.W.A. gangster misogynist type of what have you, but Easy E's verse towards the end of the song holds one of the single most ridiculous, joyful, over-the-top moments I've ever heard in any song. Enjoy.
-mp3- N.W.A. - Gangsta Gangsta

At the beginning of the summer, I bought Paste Magazine's 100 greatest living songwriters issue. I like Paste, and I enjoyed reading the list as I sat at the San Diego air port listening to a large woman in a J-LO sweatsuit advising a friend against ever having kids. I could only hope that the child that she was holding was too young to understand what exactly was going on. Anyways, Paste ranked Neil Young #2. Solid choice, old news, so what? Welllllllllllllllllll as it turns out, they quoted lyrics from "Ambulance Blues" in the article, and they really turned my head. I'd listened to the song 4 or 5 times before, but it had yet to blowwwww my mind.
I listened to this song most days after I got home from work this summer. I don't know if Mr. Young meant for this song to mean as much as it can and does, but regardless, it is heavy heavy heavy. Acoustic music doesn't get any heavier than this. Dig in.
-mp3- Neil Young -Ambulance Blues

More songs need spelling. More songs need Okkervil River and Daniel Johnston.
-mp3- Okkervil River ft. Daniel Johnston - Happy Hearts

Lastly, I have to give credit to the massively underrated Puritan Blister for providing me with this last song. I figure there is no way I will ever find anything to post without snagging great songs from cooler people, so I might as well get off to a proper start.
There is probably no quicker way to sound like your brain is made of diamonds than to sing a Leonard Cohen song. It also helps if you have a beautiful, almost overdramatic, voice.
-mp3- Regina Spektor - Chelsea Hotel 2

Pete's Picks...
As ambiguous in nature as this post it is, I personally had to narrow the focus for my own sanity. Therefore, the four songs I will present to you today come from my four favorite songs I saw live this summer. So, um, ya. Here they are in no partiular order of "bestness.'

I have a crush on Lady Sovereign. I'm just going to throw that out there right now. Given the ultimatum in this song by the S-0-V it's obvious I would not pick that latter. Anyways, despite being inebriated her entire set, the UK teen wonder managed to maintain some of the best stage presence I'd ever seen on a performer, regardless of age. Ok, before you start thinking this post is from Zach Slow, I'll just give you the song...
-mp3- Lady Sovereign - Love Me or Hate Me

Going into the most blogged about tour of the summer (Cold War Kids, Figurines, and Tapes 'n Tapes duh?), I must admit that I was pretty much ignorant to the music of Cold war Kids. Sure I'd heard the soul packed "Hospital Beds," but I was completely unprepared for the energy Cold War Kids put in their live show. The song posted below floored me the most. If lead singer Nathan Willet has never had an alcohol addiction or struggled to pay rent as he describes in this song, he sure has me fooled. His emphatic punches on the piano solidified this song in my head for days. And on top of all its goodness, it left me with my anthem for the summer as I awaited to head to Califronia for school: "This will all blow over in time...'
-mp3- Cold War Kids - We Used To Vacation

I had called nearly ten people in my cell phone before venturing to see The Boy Least Likely To by myself. Some may say this is a testament to my likeability and social skills, but I simply justify it by saying that none of these friends understand the perfect indie pop that TBLLT produces. Anyways, the lonely drive to Boulder, Colorado was well worth it. Playing nearly all of their wonderful debut The Best Party Ever was a nice treat, but even more delicious to my ears was their cover of George Michae's "Faith." If you can't enjoy this song, you probably need to seriously evaluate what traumatically happened to you during your childhood. And if you can't get past Michael's painfully cheesy lyrics, just please make it to the 0:57 second mark of the song to hear TBLLT toss in some bango, glockenspiel, and overall goodness into this oldie.
-mp3- The Boy Least Likely To - Faith

Rock Votolato plays songs for lovebirds. Well, maybe that's not his intent, but it sure seemed like it at the side stage of the Sasquatch music festival over Memorial Day Weekend. As a few buds and I stood amongst twenty some lovestruck couples, the wind blew crisp throughout the Eastern Washington air. Sounds too cliche? It was. But at the same time it was perfect. Rocky played almost his entire set off of Makers, and I couldn't have asked for more. The highlight being this tune. Everytime I hear it I can picture the grass swaying at the Gorge. No? Well, I can. Ok. Indulge.
-mp3- Rocky Votolato - Uppers Aren't Necessary

Well, that's all for now. The blogging life is rough, so makes us feel loved and leave us comments, be our myspace friends, send us e-mails, etc. We are not really sure what direction this blog is going to take. Basically, we are just doing this for fun right now. So I hope you enjoyed. Thanks,

Peter and Joe


Anonymous Peter Jolley said...

Joe and Peter,

This message is directed at Joe's insight towards Gangsta Gangsta. Because I live my life to that song, and yes, I take it very seriously, I was a little upset when Joe said that "If you took it seriously your soul would die". But anyways, I heart you blog.

Peter J

7:37 PM  

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