Friday, September 01, 2006

My feet won't get me there...

Yaye. I'm going to go join hundreds of teen girls and boys with swooping haircuts tonight to see the Format and Anathallo. Definitley excited to see The Format play off of both Dog Problems and Interventions and Lulabies. Grrr, well it should be a good time. I should have a review up in the near future as well. But to hold you over, I'll give you some Format tracks you may not have already gotten your paws on. Arg Arg. What an appropriate Dog Problems pun. No? Ok. Anyways, enjoy.

-mp3- The Format - Janet (live)
-mp3- The Format - I'm Only Sleeping (Beatles Cover) (live)
-mp3- The Format - The Compromise (acoustic)

The Format on Myspace
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