Tuesday, September 12, 2006

((And when you're holding me...))

Don't let the picture disturb you. The Blow aren't scary people. On the contrary, Khaela Maricich sings some of the nicest pop melodies you've ever heard while Jona Bechtolt spraypaints a musical backdrop filled with fun dance-worthy jams. And the best news is that these two Oregonians(?!) are set to release their new full length album Paper Television on K Records Ocotober 24th!

The album's bass thumping opening track "Pile of Gold" has been making the blog rounds for a few weeks now, but in case that wasn't enough, we have two more songs off of their upcoming album to satisfy your musical tastebuds.
Skatterbrain was the first to turn me onto the track "Parantheses" and I've had it on repeat since. It's a windy love story. With Khaela's beautiful voice at the healm, this track travels from a deli aisle to the arms of an insecure girl. This song's a virtual guidebook into a woman's head! Just listen and learn fellas. They just want you tol hold 'um.

"Pardon Me," although found later on the album, is equally good. The lyrics take a sassy turn, the beats stay infectious, and The Blow deliver another excellent song. Enjoy! And get excited for October 24th.

-mp3- The Blow - Parantheses (((((((((Do it!)))))))))
The Blow - Pardon Me

The Blow's Website
The Blow on Myspace
Preorder Paper Television @ Amazon

ps. Look for their tour dates with Architecture in Helsinki !!!


Blogger rachael nelson said...

this was nice. i like the blow. if it were myspace, i'd give you a kudo.

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