Wednesday, October 25, 2006

You Needed More?

I know, I know - all the hip kids already posted on The Sleepy Jackson way back when their sophomore album was released in July. I, however, being the ignorant blogger that I am, just got this album the other day - and "better late than never" has never been so applicable. The Sleepy Jackson's newest album, Personality: One Was A Spider, One Was A Bird, is a masterfully orchestrated pop masterpiece. Its quirky lyrics and endless amounts of delicate musical subtelties create an incredibly diverse album that is enjoyable all the way through. So come on, get over the gay album art, and dig in:

-mp3- The Sleepy Jackson - You Needed More
Kicking off the album, this track shows the first of many faces to the aptly titled album. Channeling a little bit of Animal Collective's Feels and some 1960's pop, "You Needed More" starts with Luke Steele's vocals echoing over some drizzling ambience. From there, the drizzle turns into an all out pour; and before this song ends, you will have been (happily) drenched in some of today's most innovative pop! And just in case you needed more (har har!), there's twelve more excellent songs to be enjoyed.

Here's one of them:
-mp3- The Sleep Jackson - God Lead Your Soul

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