Thursday, October 19, 2006

Pelle Carlberg : Everything Now!

It's hard to act proffessional about this, considering I feel like a gitty school boy on Christmas morning, but I'm going to try anwyays. Needless to stay, I was very estatic upon receiving our very first ever promo album here at RMDS. And even more wonderful, is the that I like it...A LOT! The artist and album in question is Sweeden's newest up-n-coming pop sensation Pelle Carlberg. His debut solo album Everything Now! will be released on October 24 via Twentyseven Records. Carlberg, fromerly the front man of the Sweedish pop act Edson has loaded his new LP with one pop gem after another. Pelle draws most of his influences from his across-the-pound counterparts such as Belle & Sebastian, Camera Obscura, and Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - all while adding his own mature and satirical slant. I've been listening to this album non-stop now for the past day, and although I enjoy it as a whole, I always get stopped in the heart of the album with these two songs. Enjoy!

-mp3- Pelle Carlberg - Go To Hell, Miss Rydell (!!!!)
I can't help but think Belle & Sebastian when I listen to this track, but once I get past that, I hear so much more. The song tells the story of a lamenting musician, angered at a bad review from a certain Miss Rydell. The lyrics, while bitter, come across as more satirical upon careful listening. The music is just some simple strumming with a little tamberine, but the lyrical rhymes add just enough charm to hook you in. If anything, you have to smile at these lines: "She told me this conversation is over / Send me an email when you're sober / ...And I wasn't even drunk."

-mp3- Pelle Carlberg - Riverbank (!!!!)
Right when I thought I was done with my summer happy twee phase, Pelle Carlberg has to hit me with this track. I was trying so desperately to start listening to fall music. But just as quickly as I could jump into that pile of leaves, "Riverbank" has pulled me out. The incessant chorus filled with the repetition of "Du-Du-Du" is as irrisistibly delicious as a firecracker popsicle. Ugh, you win Mr. Carlberg - let's go play in the water!

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