Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ode to fall: A Mix.

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Oh fall...what a season! And a season that calls for a playlist. Fall carries a somewhat odd musical mood in my mind. Fall for me should be filled with calm melodies and energetic vocals; epic songs that you can listen to on the way back from a football game or on the way to a 12 oclock horror movie. See, good fall music has a big responsibiliy on its personified shoulders. It has to be able to ease you off your summer loves and your huge summer twee phase, and into drinking coffee and wearing sweaters. But it's job doesn't stop here. Fall music must then also transition you into the snowy and dark winter acoustics. Quite the daunting task, if you ask me, for this fall music to take on.

So, if your scratching your head as to what kind of songs could possibly evoke such a complex mood, then this playlist should be of some assistance. From Belle and Sebatian's upbeat poppy fall anthem to The Decemberist's gritty ode to love, this playlist is bound to get you into the mood for warm cider and walks through parks painted orange and red with fallen leaves! So grab your scarves, bundle up, and have a wonderful fall. I hope you enjoy. :D

-mp3- Belle & Sebatian - Women's Realm
-mp3- Casey Deinel
- The La La Song
-mp3- Chas Mtn. - Cinematic Unbearable
-mp3- Desaparecidos - Whats New For Fall
-mp3- Destroyer - No Cease Fires
-mp3- The Decemberists - Clementime
Grizzly Bear - On A Neck On A Spit
-mp3- Headlights - Put Us Back Together
-mp3- Jose Gonzales - Hearbeats
-mp3- Tunng - Code Breaker
-mp3- Unkown - Cherokee

*Also, a special thanks to Natasha for pulling together this post. Look for some posts from her in the future possibly as well!


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