Saturday, October 21, 2006

Let's build a fort!

No, no no. I did not take their picture and alter it in paint. This was all their doing. See, teamAwesome! is just a bunch of fun, college-aged Coloradans who don't take themselves too seriously. Mixing everything from violins to glockenspiels, teamAwesome! creates a carefree, happy pop sound. The band draws alot of its style from the likes of Architecture In Helsinki, while adding in the fun and childish lyrics that are reminiscent of The Boy Least Likely To. With not one song over three minutes, teamAwesome! manages to keep my ADD childish-self entertained for all 21 songs of their Greatest Hits Vol. 1 album! This track is the highlight in my opinion! Enjoy:

-mp3- teamAwesome! - Fort!
Like any good happy song, this one playfully hooks you from the start. With the twee-ish repition of "Ba ba" dueling between the male and female vocals, the song resonates with child-like fun. From here, its just a simple guitar and a boy urging his friends to build a fort with him. Not any fort though; a fort that will "reach to the big blue sky"! The song peaks as everyone joins in at the 1:31 mark for a bubbling chorus. Unfortunately, before this fort even starts to get built, the song slows down and stops. Why? I don't know. Kids get distracted!

Here's two more songs from teamAwesome's newest EP Heck Yeah! :

-mp3- teamAwesome! - Yr Fur
-mp3- teamAwesome! - Oh Ship!

download teamAwesome's Greatest Hits Vol. 1 for free here!

buy their 2006 Heck Yeah! EP
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