Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Benjy Ferree: In the Countryside

Geez, it's been almost a full week since I last posted and that's unacceptable! It's been a combination of being busy and the whole not-so-EZ archive deal (haha). Anyways, no more excuses. We are back to the good stuff...

I don't know much about Benjy Ferree. In fact I don't even have his full debut LP, Leaving The Nest, which is to be released on Domino Records November 7th. But even after just hearing a few songs, I do know that I abosultely love Benjy's spin on the whole indie alt-country rock thing. If this song is any indication of the album's likeability, than look for Benjy to turn some heads and make some lists by the end of the year. For fans of Ramona Corodova, Page France, Josh Ritter, Ben Kweller, etc...Enjoy!

-mp3- Benjy Ferree - In The Countryside
Hearing this song for the first time, reminded me of the first time I heard Page France. It must be something about lo-fi recordings and nasally, unique voices. Aside from the song's title, it isn't hard to imagine this song taking place in the Midwest - and goodness golly - good-clean-fun has never sounded so good! If your not bobbin your head, whistlin', and clickin your cowboy boots together by the end of this quick sing-song jam, than you need to lighten up partner!

-mp3- Benjy Ferree - Private Honeymoon

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