Monday, August 28, 2006

To sail, to pillage...

The weekend is over and we are already back to school here at RMDS. The weekend was good. We went to the beach yesterday. There was splashing. And Joe's fair Washington skin got burnt. Good times.

I bet Jacob Borshard likes playing his ukelele on the beach. In fact, the ocean would be an excellent companion to his breezy lyrics - simple stories that strike a chord for kids with geos wanting to become pirates. Borshard's songs at the core, however, evoke thoughts of high school and being a teenager. I particularly can relate to his thoughts about girls and speeding tickets. And if Joe was writing this post, he would most assuradely point out that he hails from Washington. I don't know what that has to do with anything, but it just goes to show that Joe's shameless WA shout-outs everyday are now starting to permeate into my writing. Ahhh. Anyways...regardless of who you are or where you are from, you should be able to enjoy these down to earth folk songs with pop melodies.

Oh, and the best thing about Jacob Borshard is that he has both of his albums available for download at his website. For free! Check out his artwork too. What a renaissance man.

But in case you are too lazy to jog on over to his site, I provided four of my favorite songs below. You should download them all. Enjoy.

-mp3- Jacob Borshard - Brains Brains (for you pirate people)
-mp3- Jacob Borshard - Grass Stains (for you lover people)
-mp3- Jacob Borshard - Vincent and Theo (for you wandering people)
-mp3- Jacob Borshard - Full of Aces (for you poker people)

Jacob Borshard's Website
Jacob on Myspace
Jacob's Sculptures
Other write-up's about Jacob Borshard's music here, here, and here. pass the rum and draw your swords.


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