Tuesday, August 29, 2006

There's bugs in my shoes...

Ok. Lot's a stuff going on at RMDS (as I mentioned in the previous post).

After hassling for nearly an hour with all of his demands, we are proud to now have Mike S. on board with us. Mike is a fellow student at our University and a friend. His music taste is impeccable, and I think it will add a really nice dimension to our blog. Look forward to posts from him coming soon. Like real soon. I'm pretty sure he's writing one now.

I don't quite feel like making a "real" post right now as I have many ideas I need to sort out in my head, before I start firing on a all cylinders. I will say, however, we have some great new bands/tracks to spit at you in the following days. So keep tuning in.

But, being that I'm not in the mood for a well structured post, I'm not just going to leave you hanging. Instead, I will share with you some of the treats I found surfing the blogosphere today...

-mp3- Rogue Wave - Debaser(live)
I owe Largehearted Boy for directing me to this live set of Rogue Wave performing in Boston earlier in August. This is a Pixies cover, but it definitely sounds like it could fit right in with Descend Like Vultures. Zach is back to his usual antics: sweet, soft, catchy, and sincere melodies. Enjoy.

-mp3- Page France - Weatherman, Section Three
I finally received my copy of Page France's split EP's Pear and Sister Pinecone, and although I already had Pear, it was a wonderful treat. Anyways, I am always a bit biased concerning Page France and Michael Nau as I typically instantly fall in love with everything they produce. This song is no exception. It's more Pear than Hello, Dear Wind. It's poppy, it's sunny. It's Page France, what's new?!

-mp3- Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Sons of Cain(live)
I owe this mp3 to Bradley's Almanac who has a bomb diggity Ted Leo post today full of mp3's, live reviews, and sweet links. Go here to check it all out. I don't have much to say about this song as it is just more solid, catchy rock from Mr. Leo.

-mp3- The Mountain Goats - Alpha Omega (live on KEXP)
Like I have mentioned before, I'm new to The Mountain Goats. By that I mean: I love Sunset Tree and the new Get Lonely but I am pretty ignorant to the likes of their old stuff. This song is from a KEXP session Josh Darnielle recently did in Seattle. After a little research, I discovered this song was originally released on a compilation abulm in 1995, Our Salvation is at Hand. The song is the last in a series of stories about a couple. This song documents his first breakfast alone after his wife leaves him. The song breathes a sigh of relief. He eats boiled peanuts.

Well enjoy those semi rare/live/new songs. Thanks to the people who originally found them. I'm such a thief. Happy Tuesday.


Blogger Brad said...

Thanks for the linkage, glad you found the Ted tracks.

'Debaser' is a Pixies song, by the way. I didn't realize that Rogue Wave were covering that... very cool. Glad you shared it up.

(and forgive me if you already knew that it was a cover and were being facetious about it being 'new' :))

7:05 PM  

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