Thursday, August 24, 2006

Someday when I'm older...

Basically I'm making this post because The Boy Least Likely To recently posted this picture on their myspace and I really like it. Yes, I'm very articulate.

Well, I guess to make this post more than just a picture, I'll offer you a a couple TBLLT songs that you might not have heard if you only own
The Best Party Ever. Um, I dont feel like writing about these songs much, but I will say "Rock Upon A Porch With You" sure gets me excited to get in touch with my geriatric side.

The Boy Least Likely To - Rock Upon A Porch With You (Do It !!!)
The Boy Least Likely To - Every Grubby Little Memory

The Boy Least Likely To's Website


Anonymous Jacob said...

there is no shame in the excitement of a new photo, because the boy least likely to obviously r00ls.

7:58 PM  

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