Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Language Arts

This is my first post on RMDS. So forgive me poor grammer and bad spellings.
Anywho. My favorite caucasian Canadian rapper apparently realized it was Joe's birthday because he has shared with us the best gift of all. The gift of free music (because nobody gets free music nowadays.) It's called Strong Arm. Which is a very appropriate title for this album/mixtape because it feels a little like someone putting you into a headlock and forcing you to take in some strange, dark music. And oddly enough, this album makes such an event not seem so bad. If you've ever listened to Buck 65 before you know he is intrigued by the odd, desperate, and sinister side of life. Strong Arm is no execption to these previous works. Ranging from blues to dub and everything in between it's a lot to take in at 35 minutes. But I dig it. Maybe you will too.

-mp3- Buck 65 -Part I
-mp3- Buck 65 -Part II

Buck has also recently made a new music video for Devil's Eyes. Just a little more insight into the mind of a canuck.


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