Thursday, August 31, 2006

drinkin' pabst 'til a half past noon...

Unlike Joe, I sometimes have a difficult time willingly "representing" my home town of Denver, Colorado. Don't get me wrong, the mountains are nice, but somewhere in between the excess amounts of Nalgene's and Croc's, has caused me to slowly disown my state of eighteen years.

But every once in awhile, something will come along and join the mountain tops in holding a special place in my Colorado heart. Today, that something is the Denver-band Pee Pee. Now, although Pee Pee aren't as big of a Colorado fixation as the Rocky's, I can definiely picture their band/ensemble/collective traveling up into the foothills and playing all night long next to a campfire. Wait? You are sill stuck on the name huh? Well don't be deceieved. Pee Pee packs in mature lyrics and orchestral jams that easily dismiss their beer-in-hand vibe and childlike name.

Their songs range in style as they are able to casually accompany strings, horns, and accordians at will with their 9 members. "Over the Hill" is the standout track(imo) as it incorporates pop melodies fronted by laid back lo-fi folk singin'. Go ahead and donwload 'em all. Then head over to their Myspace for another. Enjoy.

-mp3- Pee Pee - Over That Hill
-mp3- Pee Pee - Dixie Cup Song
-mp3- Pee Pee - Impossible

Pee Pee's Myspace


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