Monday, August 28, 2006

try to catch me shaking that laffy taffy

This is my attempt to do one of those more normal type posts where I find a sweet new band and type about dem.
So here it is

The Volta Sound are from Ohio. They play some happenin' tunes that are somewhere between a more chillllll version of the mighty Pink Mountaintops and the sound of what would happen if Pete Townshend got really into some psychedelic folky type jams. That's my first impression, take it as you will, and please oh please listen to the songs and formulate an opinion and give these guys some smoochin'

-mp3- The Volta Sound - We'll Be Fine (I think I love this one the best)
-mp3- The Volta Sound - Couldn't Eat It All
-mp3- The Volta Sound - I Knew You'd Know

The Volta Sound on Myspace

so yeah, enjoy that. There might be some more RMDS posts coming up here right quick, I am on a roll.
bye bye


Anonymous Case-a-saurus said...

This was a beautiful band that im glad you brought up to the surface... I needed something funky fresh but something with more roots that the new wave, electronica stuff I sold my soul to a little over a year ago... anywho the song "I knew you would know" was an ear catcher for sure while "well be fine" had a peppier, Ben Harper feel to it that always gets my blood flowing.

10:59 PM  

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