Thursday, August 24, 2006

Is it just me?

what up what up.
the beautiful piece of greenhouse photography to the north was taken at my place of employment over the summer.
it is a nice place and they let me drive a sweet lawn mower sometimes, but I sweated a lot while I was there. Such mixed feelings...

before I start posting songs and all that normal stuff, allow me to direct your attention to Pitchfork's review of Get Lonely. Lack of a 10.0 aside, this is the type of review that gets me all excited for an album. Actually, who am I fooling? I've already listened to Get Lonely all the way through and it rules. Don't have a lot more to say about that, go buy it!!!

ok, now for some tunez.
Addition is the name taken by a strapping young man from Renton, WA (the 425). He plays some good old fashioned angsty acoustic music. Now, that may sound a bit tongue in cheek, but please don't let me be misunderstood, this is good stuff. There are 10 billion sad boys with acoustic guitars making mediocre music, but I think Addition really manages to rise above a lot of other acts. His voice reminds me of Will Sheff's, which is a huge bonus. His influences are solid as a rock, and it shows.
enjoy this while you can cause someday you will be dead.

-mp3- Addition- Someday Soon (Highly Recomended)
-mp3- Addition- So Cheap

Addition on Myspace

There are many bands that I've found on myspace, and many that I can't wait to blog on. Unfortunately, some of them don't let me download their mp3s. I am going to see what I can do about this. In the meantime, here are two lovely ladies you should listen to and fall in love with. They may not be new to you, but you know, it never hurts to hear a song more than once.

-mp3- Pink Nasty- May It Always Be (Bonnie "Prince" Billy cover)
-mp3- Pink Nasty- Groove and Grind

Pink Nasty on Myspace
Pink Nasty's Website

-mp3- Mirah- Person Person
-mp3- Mirah- Monument (Recomended More Highly Than a Kite)
-mp3- Mirah- Don't Die On Me (You Have No Idea How Good This Song Is)

Mirah on Krecs

I think I need to work on recommending things in more straightforward ways. Any suggestions?
Ok, since this blog is new and it could use a bit of a jump start, I'm going to just go ahead and post two songs that you probably/maybe have already heard but are still so freaking good I can't even believe it and you must have them. They also both touch on the possibility that maybe America/mankind in general sometimes does bad things. Sorta. You'll see. I consider them sister songs.

-mp3- Sufjan Stevens- The Star-Spangled Banner (Live)
-mp3- Bob Dylan- With God On Our Side

Hope you enjoyed this post and that it finds you all well. In less than 24 hours Peter and I will be done with our first week back at school and headed for a weekend o' fun.
bye bye


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I think your thoughts are all over the place, as a dedicated reader, I think you should collect your thoughts before you make a post.

Much Love.

-Only the best intentions.

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