Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I think my laptop battery is about to catch fire

Over the summer I was anti-social and watched lots of movies. I denied this endlessly, but basically, that's the gist of it.
I love Netflix like a fat kid loves cliches.

Here are 3, all of which you have probably heard of, that really made an impact on me this summer. And of course, some songs that compliment them. hopefully.

Mean Streets

This movie fascinated me for several reasons. Most obviously, it's amazing to be able to watch Scorsese and DeNiro showing the beginnings of what would become two of the most legendary talents in cinematic history. That may be the most overdramatic sentence yet here at RMDS. Sorry. Despite Scorsese's early experiments with follow shots and other directorial feats of strength and DeNiro's vulnerable, out-of-control portrayal of Johnny Boy, I think it's Harvey Keitel who really steals the show in this film. He perfectly captures a character who is being driven to desperation by forces out of his control. And yet, Keitel's Charlie is still pursuing an escape, freedom, love, opportunity, life, the American Dream. Oh crime films, you get me every time.

"if you and me were free, we'd do as we please..."

-mp3- The Kinks - Till The End Of The Day

Cache (Hidden)

I had heard so much debate over whether Cache was genius and thought-provoking or pretentious and pointless that I practically lost interest in seeing it. That would have been a bonehead play on my part.
This film blew me away. I found myself thinking about it more and more and more as the days went by and the mailman took my magic red envelope far away from me. Oh well, mail is one of the many things I'm distrustful of after seeing this film. This is a film full of dread.

"And watch it all come down..."

-mp3- Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Another Day Full Of Dread

The Asphault Jungle

I have a soft spot (maybe a dark spot?) for film noir. I eat up the dialogue, I get all butterflied about the sinister cinematography. My pretentiousness grows and grows the more famous noir scenes I mentally catalogue. I think it might be because I used to read lots of Hardy Boys and other mysteries. I love me some detection. And as I have already pointed out, crime movies really do it for me. So yeah, Film Noir.
I think I loved this film because it really demonstrated a skillfull director's ability to take the typical "morality tale" style crime film to a deeper, more compelling level. Go rent this movie next time you feel like black and white for dinner.

"Are all my failings exposed?...As desperation takes hold..."

Calexico- Love Will Tear Us Apart

In other news, my fellow renaissance man/surfaholic and I bought our tickets for 2 upcoming concerts tonight. Guess which ones...Hint: they tend to sing with their voices, not holler and whatnot.

bye bye


Anonymous Jacob said...

i found myself feeling the same as you days after watching cache; it really made me think. i'm not sure how you feel about the ending, but i feel it was an honest approach.

keep up the film jargon, i love it like joseph volk loves netflix.

12:22 AM  

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